Daily Report

It’s an overcast, mild and at times, drizzly day here in Beach Haven. Winds are strong, coming from the SE at about 19mph. Currently, the surf is chopped up with 2-3 foot waves. You will need 5-6 oz to hold. LBI 5th Street Beach Haven sea temperature is 49°. The air temp is currently 54° and heading to 56°.

The bay is calm and 45°.

Low tide is at 12:43PM. High tide is at 6:13AM and 6:34PM.

Bass are here – Off the surf or by boat!! Off the surf you can use bunker, plugs and artificial baits – they are all working. The 68th Annual LBI Fishing Classic is in its last week. The tournament ends Sunday at 6pm so there is still time to bring in some prize money!!

Today we have FRESH BUNKER and live eels.