Daily Report

Who let winter in here so early??? It’s a sunny, but cold and windy morning here in Beach Haven! Fiona’s winds continue but now from the NNW at about 24mph. Currently, the surf is relatively calm with 1-2 foot waves, but the winds are pushing them. You will need 3-4 oz to hold. LBI 5th Street Beach Haven sea temperature is 74°. The air temp is currently 55° and heading to 64°.

The bay is very choppy and 68°.

Low tide is at 12:50AM and 12:53M. High tide is at 6:54AM and 7:02PM.

Not sure if anyone is out there fishing with these winds so let us know! But the blues and kings could still be around. Fluke season ends on Tuesday, Sept. 27th.

Today we have and fresh mullet, minnows and bloodworms.