Daily Report

Good Morning

I apologize for not posting a report yesterday. Carole Ann and were out of town and didn’t return until mid-afternoon.

It is cloudy and overcast today on the ocean, essentially a grey morning, but projected to get better. The air temp is 52° and heading to 63°. The surf is looking a little rough this morning, with 4 to 5 foot waves and pretty choppy. The ocean temp is 49°. It will probably take 6oz to 7oz to hold. Winds are moderate, out of the east.

The bay is calm and 51°.

Low tide on the ocean is at 2:01PM and high tide at 8:07PM.

We received a positive fishing report yesterday from our friends in Brigantine, with a striper being weighed in at 31″ and 12lbs AND a drum at 28lbs. The drum was caught off of Mystic.

Carole Ann and I stopped in to Riptide Bait and Tackle in Brigantine yesterday and talked with Capt. Andy. We had a great time, swapped some stories and commiserated about the state of fishing. He’s a great guy and I had the best pound cake, EVER!!