Daily Report

It’s a beautiful morning here in Beach Haven today. Currently, the wind is very mild from the NNE at about 4mph. The surf is calm with 1-2 foot waves. You will need 3-4 oz to hold. The ocean temp is 65°. The temp is currently 63° and heading to 72°.

The bay is calm and 66°.

Low tide is at 7:26AM and 7:27PM. High tide is at 12:47AM and 1:47PM.

All sorts of fish caught, and weigh-ins here this weekend! On Saturday around noon, Jonathan Kelly stopped in to by some bunker. A half our later, he was here weighing in this beauty – 15.14lbs and 36″ – first cast! Then he pulled in another 34″ Sunday – catch and release. Yesterday, Randy Kibler brought in these two blues – 8.5lbs, 32″ and 6.8lbs, 28″ – caught on bunker. The Gerson family, Jordon, Craig and Guy brought in this bass – 17.26lbs and 37.5″!! And then Steve Dorwart brought in this nice fluke that he caught off the surf in Spray Beach – 3.88lbs and 21.25″! In the bay, the Sweeney family was out back with little Mick using his new blue Jellyfish combo he bought here from Jingles. He caught 5 fish and a blue! Don’t forget there are weakfish out back and Sea Bass at the reef.

Out at the canyons Nick Perello and the Aquila caught 11 yellowfin tuna which is a great sign for all those fishing in the 2nd Annual Beach Haven Tuna Open which kicked off last night. 75 boats are registered and a bunch of them left a midnight last night. You can keep track of the tournaments progress on their website – https://www.tunaopen.com . Good Luck to all the anglers!

Today we have fresh shucked clams (a few quarts) , fresh bunker and bloodworms.