Daily Report

It’s a beautiful, partly sunny and COLD morning here in Beach Haven today! Currently, the wind is moderately strong coming from the NNE at about 14mph. The surf is a little rough this morning with 4-5 foot waves coming in at a high frequency. You will need at about 7 ounces to hold. The temp is currently 43° (feels like 37) and heading to 55°. The ocean temp is 61°.

The bay has a slight chop and 51°.

Low tide is 3:02AM and 3:50PM. High tide is at 9:12AM and 9:43PM.

Still no derby weigh-ins since Monday, but the stripers are coming in!! Had a couple reports of some BIG bass caught off the surf yesterday in Beach Haven – It was pretty rough with having to use 8oz to hold, but one was 42″ and another at about 47″! Both caught on bunker. And Jamie Gramley was up fishing off the jetty at the lighthouse, where he caught and and released this beautiful bass coming in at about 41″. Jamie was using a plug! If you were brave enough to go out in a boat yesterday, you needed to go pretty far north but JP and his crew said they had much success catching quite a few in the keeper range.

Today we will have fresh bunker around 9am. We have eels, bloodworms and green crabs.