Daily Report

It’s another beautiful, sunny weekend morning here in Beach Haven! Currently, its pretty windy coming from the SSW at about 17mph. The surf is moderate this morning with 2-3 foot waves at a high frequency with a bigger swell time and again. You will need about 4-5 ounces to hold. The temp is currently 70° and heading to 81°. The ocean temp is 74°.

The bay is a little choppy and 69°.

Low tide is 6:16AM and 7:10PM. High tide is at 12:08AM and 12:44PM.

In the surf, anglers are starting to pick up some bluefish using mullet and mullet rigs. Also still getting kingfish and fluke. In the bay, we have snappers , fluke, blowfish and weakfish. On Friday, we were able to get out fishing together and went blowfishing with the DuAimes! Had a successful and fun day!

There is one more week left in fluke season which means one week left for our In-store fluke tournament! The first place fish is 5.66lbs and second at 4.22lbs. Still time to take over first or second!

Today we have fresh bunker, minnows and bloodworms.