Daily Report

It’s an overcast and cooler morning here in Beach Haven – almost feels like September! The wind is very mild this morning coming from the WNW at about 5mph. The surf is calm, almost like a lake, with 0-1 foot waves. You will need about 2-3 ounces to hold. The temp is currently 65° and heading to 73°. The ocean temp is 76°.

The bay is calm and 70.5°.

Low tide is 7:58AM and 8:55PM. High tide is at 1:52AM and 2:23PM.

There are still kingfish, bluefish, fluke, sharks and rays in the surf. Connor had a guide yesterday morning and he caught a couple keepers and a handful of shorts. This one was 4.1lbs. Also still getting fluke in the bay along with bluefish and some blowfish. Garden State South doing well with fluke and sea bass. Last day for the first store tournament segment! Second segment starts tomorrow. Tog opens tomorrow – 1 fish at 15″.

Today we have minnows and bloodworms and fresh bunker just came in.