Daily Report

Good Morning!!

We are boiling over with anticipation of the unofficial start to Summer! The countdown continues till tomorrow.

It is a bit cloudy this morning on the surf, but predicted to clear early. The surf has slight chop with 1 to 2 foot waves. The wind is brisk out of the SSW. The ocean temp is 56°. 3 to 4 ounces should hold bottom. The air temp is currently 60° and heading to 69°.

The bay has slight chop and is 60°.

High tide is at 12:11PM and low is at 5:57PM.

The fish are STILL here. We had a nice weigh-in of a blue from our friend Torr yesterday afternoon. We received more reports of blues and some lingering stripers.

Fluke season opens tomorrow, YAY!!! We will have minnows for our early “FLUKERS”, tomorrow morning. We still have bunker. Jingles is fully stocked and ready to meet all of your fishing and crabbing needs for the holiday weekend!!