Daily Report

It is a rainy windy morning in Beach Haven today. Strong winds coming from the SSW with wind gusts up to 50mph. The surf is rough with 4-5 foot waves. You would need a lot of ounces to hold. The ocean temp is 54°. The air temp is 61° heading to 63°.

The bay is calm and the temp is 56°.

Low tide is at 2:02PM. High tide was at 7:23AM and is at 7:51PM.

There was a weigh-in yesterday for the LBI Surf Derby – Jeff Knoerzey with a 28.5″ and 7.76lb caught in Brant Beach. Quite a few reports of shorts all up and down the beach yesterday using bunker, clams and plugs. Today, it’s not nice out there. Stay home and read a book!