Daily Report

Good Morning

Hey, it is raining! It’s 57 degrees with a projected high of 63. The surf is fairly calm with waves around a foot and still 46 degrees. You should hold with a 4 to 5 ounce weight. The wind is mild and out of the South.

Low tide is at 9:32AM and high at 3:19PM.

The bay side is calm and 53 degrees.

I received reports last night of bass (shorts) in the bay.

My disclaimer: I am reporting weather and sea conditions AS I SEE THEM with my own mark 1 eye ball (my military friends will understand). So please do not expect scientifically proven meteorological reports. It’s what I observe. That being said, the predictions are that today will clear up and be nice this afternoon.

The shop is full, please stop by and look around, or just say “hey” to Nola.