Gary Grippaldi brings in our first weigh in and Daily Report

Good Morning,

It is a cloudy, overcast morning. The surf is a tad rough with waves about 2-3 feet. The current air temp is 51° and heading to 66°. You will need at least 6oz to hold bottom. The ocean temp is 53°.

The bay is flat calm and 54°, currently.

High tide is at 5:55PM and low at 11:44AM.

We had our first weigh in yesterday of a bass on the surf! Our good friend Gary Gripalldi, caught a 23 and a half pound striper. It was 40 and a half inches with a girth of 20 and a quarter inches. Gary caught it on a bunker chunk in Ship Bottom, yesterday afternoon. He is now in the lead for the Spring Derby and the Jingles in-store contest, as well as our first weigh-in prize.