Daily Report

Good Morning!

It is a BEAUTIFUL sunny, clear November morning in Beach Haven.  The surf is calm with 2-3 foot waves.  There is just a slight SE breeze this morning.  The ocean temp is 50°.  2 to 3 ounces should hold.  The air temp is currently 48° and heading to 58°!

The bay is flat calm and 46°.

High tide was at 7.06AM and 7:27PM. Low tide is 1:35PM.

It’s a gorgeous morning.  Enjoy it now because the winds and colder weather will be coming in tomorrow and Thursday.  Reports are that anglers are starting to see quite a bit of action on the surf using plugs and jigs.  One angler reported getting about 10 or so this morning, the biggest being 24″.  Another caught 3 on bunker yesterday – one was keeper size.  (All were thrown back)   On the boats there still seems to be some good action just off of IBSP on umbrella rigs.  Anglers have also been doing well with tog using whit- leggers.  Tog season is 5 fish through the rest of the year.