Daily Report

Good Morning,

It is a sunny morning here in Beach Haven. The surf is fairly calm with 4 to 5 foot waves. The wind is mild and out of the NW. The water temp is 64°. 4 to 5 ounces will hold. The current temperature is 57° and heading to 66°.

The bay is choppy and 60°.

High tide is at 8:12AM and 8:28PM. Low tide is at 2:32PM.

The water in the streets has FINALLY receded. The surf is laying down and starting to clear. The bay is choppy and 60°. No off-shore reports yet.

Public service announcement: If you drive your car up flooded streets and for whatever reason do not drive VERY slow, you do two things, one, you blast SALT water up and into the undercarriage of your car (that is NOT fresh rain water flooding the streets, it’s from the bay) and two, you create a wake that floods businesses along the street. Store owners on the boulevard watch the rising water and hope it does not come in, then to just have an inconsiderate driver selfishly push water into his/her business. We have been videoing cars breaking the “no wake” ordinance and have shared them with the police, who may be issuing citations.