Daily Report

Chowderfest is here!  We look forward to hearing who gets bragging rights for 2019.

It is another cloudy morning in Beach Haven but not as cool as yesterday.  Its going to be mostly cloudy all day.  The surf is moderately calm with 1 to 2 foot waves but right now it is low tide. The ocean temp is 67°.  4 to 5 ounces should hold currently. The wind is strong and out of the SE and is going to blow all day. The air temp is 65° and heading to 73°.

The bay is calm and 64°.

High tide is at 2:59PM. Low tide is at 8:52AM and 9:45PM.

If you are not heading to Chowderfest to vote on Chowder and decide to hit the beach you can still get bluefish and kingfish.  If you head out to the bay you can get some weakfish, blowfish and some blues as well.   We are hearing about a small bass here and there – up at Barnegat Light and down at Holgate, but nothing of size.  But cooler days and cooler water will be coming as the month gets on.  If you haven’t signed up for the LBI Surf Fishing Classic come to the store and get registered.  You don’t want to catch that first 28″ striper and not be eligible for a prize!