Daily Report

Happy Merchant Mart Day!

It is a cool, cloudy morning in Beach Haven. The sun is coming up and peaking through the clouds when it can.  The surf is moderately rough with 3 to 4 foot waves. The ocean temp is 68°.  5 to 6 ounces should hold. The wind is strong and out of the NNE. The air temp is 52° and heading to 63°.

The bay is slightly calm and 64°.

High tide is at 2:04PM. Low tide is at 7:43AM and 8:41PM.

Today is the Merchant Mart down at Bay Village in Beach Haven.  Before you head there for shopping, food, drinks and music, get on out and try and get some bluefish in the surf!  If you head out to the bay you can get some weakfish, blowfish and some blues as well.   And on our way on this cool day, stop in and check out our new selection of Hoodie and Zip of Sweatshirts!!

Have a great day!