Daily Report

Going to be another beautiful warm day in Beach Haven!  Nola is at the door waiting to greet her customers!!

There is only one of us here today so I could not get out to the water – plus its dark when we open!    The wind is calm and out of the South. The water temp is 72°.   The air temp is 68° and heading to 78°.

The bay is pretty calm and 70°.

High tide is at 7:59AM and 8:17PM. Low tide is at 2:17PM.

Anglers are still having a blast with those cocktail blues on the surf!  We have Fresh Mullet, paired up with a mullet rig and hit after hit.  We have reports that there are still kingfish in the surf too.  In the bay you can still do well with blowfish.  There are also weakfish and some bluefish.

A lot of boats headed out yesterday to do some tuna fishing so we will get those reports today.  We have FRESH MULLET AND FRESH BUNKER!  Get out and enjoy the day!!