Classic Day 2…..

Today is day two of the LBI Classic – no weigh-ins yesterday, but thats not to say that people aren’t catching anything!  There are still a lot of cocktail bluefish out there keeping anglers busy.  They are all over the mullet and mullet rigs…..  just not big enough for a Classic or store weigh in.. YET.  Blues and stripers need to be a minimum of 28″.   Also had a report of striper caught off the beach two days ago here in Beach Haven…  they are not here in abundance but there are a few swimming around out there so they will be here sometime soon!

The bay is still producing a bunch of blowfish as well as snapper blues.  Use a clam chum log for the blowfish and they will come around.

Its in the low 70’s this morning and a little overcast.  Its definitely warmer than yesterday and supposedly the sun is going to come out.  All in all, a great Oct. day!  Our store tournament pool is up to $90 in one day.  It is going to be a sizable pot once is all said and done so don’t miss out and sign up next time you are in!