Another cold one… water temp drops some more!

Its another cold fall morning – current temp is 43, but feels like 36.   Sun is shining and the high today is 60.  Water temps dropped a few more degrees to mid-high 60’s.  Will this bring the fish??  Get out there and see!

Today for the LBI Classic, Jingles B & T and Margaret o’Brien together are offering a special prize of $250 for the biggest striped bass in memory of Ric O’brien for his birthday.  Since there has not been a striper weighed in since the second day of the tournament, there is now $500 up for grabs from Jingles because last weeks Jingles O’Brien prize has rolled forward.  Weigh that fish in here and there is still a $25 gift card waiting for the first fish weighed in here!

If you haven’t registered for the Classic yet, come on in the store and register.  Join the Jingles In-Store Fall Tournament too!  So many prizes to win!