A Nor’easter and only 2 fish in The Sea Shell Derby

Well this weekend was one to write home about – just not exactly what we wanted to write….  Saturday’s nor’easter had high winds, rain and then the 3rd worst flooding the island has seen.   The Blvd was closed on Saturday from about 1 – 3:30.  They would not even let people drive down the higher ground roads.  They finally opened those up about 3:30.   From the balcony above Jingles you could not see dry road in either direction.

The Sea Shell tournament went on but fishing was not good at all.  There were two fish weighed in.  First place was 44lbs and the second was 39.75lbs caught by TJ and the XYZ.  Congratulations to both teams.  The tournament finished up with a great fish fry party to close out The Sea Shell’s season.

As for the LBI Classic…  There were two more stripers weighed-in this weekend.  John Chrzanowski on Saturday with a 29″ and 9.42lb striper caught on bunker tail, and then Pete Rolando on Sunday with a 28″ and 7.52 striper caught on mullet in Brank Beach.  Still waiting for our first weigh-in here at Jingles……