A fluke in the bay and a striper on the surf?

So weekend fluking was good around the Little Egg Reef and back behind the holgate tower too.  Torr got this fluke on Sunday as well as a few other keepers.  Our In-Store Fluke tournament goes until Sept. 22 so there is still time to sign up and try and bring in the winning fluke!  Come sign up in the store.

There are also sea bass, some small blues and had a few reports of a bunch of blowfish in the bay too.  Mark caught 47 the one day!  Use clam chum to bring ’em in and then keep hooking them.

Crabbing still  good with some really nice size crabs being caught.  Use bunker, but the packs of frozen minnows we have work really well too!

On the surf Thomas caught this 19″ striper!  Very rare at this time of year but he hooked one and was going to keep trying for more.

Its going to be hot and humid these this week.  Try to keep cool!